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SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019

In 2019, If You want to Pass the SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam in order to get the Certificate then Congratulations, You are at the Right Spot, You’ll find Semrush SEO Toolkit Answers 2019 on the way to end of this List. In this Answer List We will Give you all the 23 Answers to get the first SEMrush SEO Toolkit Certification. Just like Google Analytics Certifications, Semrush Certificate is Also Valid for 12 Months from the date of passing the Exam. You have to Renew the Certificate at the end of this period. So Buckle Up for the limited time Test. Yes, you only get 27 Minutes to take the exam. If you haven’t Registered yet then Visit Here to Register (it’s FREE) and come back for SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019

Things to Keep in Mind Before the SEMrush Exam

When you pass the exam You Get an Email from SEMrush about Getting Certified. Once you clear the Exam You will get the Certificate But you won’t be able to take the test again from the same account, you neither see the No. of Wrong or Right Answers nor The Questions Sheet. Only the certificate will be Displayed when you Attempt Maximum Correct Answers.

  • Total no. of Questions is 23
  • You only get 27 minutes to take the Test
  • Certiuficate Valid Upto 12 Months
  • you will not be informed about no. of wrong answers
SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019 (you can open this list for Quick Access to the Answer List)

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019 (1 – 10)

1. Position Tracking Allows Users To Track A Website’s Search Visibility Across Multiple Devices (Desktop, Phone, And Tablet) And Locations (Down To The City Level) In One Project.





3. You Cannot Compare More Than Three Domains With The Help Of Keyword Gap.



4. What Is The Point Of The ‘Traffic Cost’ Metric In The SEMrush Organic Research Positions Report? What Does This Metric Mean?

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019
SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019

Traffic cost is a value entered by a user

Traffic cost is an estimation of how much it would cost to bid on organic keywords through Google AdWords

The Traffic cost is an estimation of the budget for a Google AdSense campaign

Actually, this screenshot is taken from the Paid Search Positions Report

Traffic cost is an amount of money made with Google AdSense

5. Which SEMrush Tool Will Guide You Through The First Steps In Creating New Content For Target Keywords?

My Reports

On Page SEO Checker

Organic Traffic Insights

Position Tracking

SEO Content Template





7. Which Issue Type Reported By The Site Audit Tool Is Most Severe?





They are equally difficult



There is not enough information to determine

9. The Traffic Analytics Tool Provides Information About Traffic Driven To Websites By Different Search Engines EXCEPT



All of them are included in the tool



10. The My Reports Tool Allows You To…

(Select Three Answers)

Schedule reports

Invite others to edit your templates

Export keywords to Excel

Personalize reports by inserting a logo

Create custom reports from scratch

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019 (11 – 20)

11. What Does The SEMrush Sensor Score Refer To?

Fluctuation of a user’s website in SERP rankings

SERP volatility

SERP structure

The SERP features usage

Number of Google updates

12. Which Tool Helps You Better Understand What’s Happening On Your Website And Improve Your SEO Strategy Based On Your Actual Traffic Statistics?

Position Tracking

On Page SEO Checker

Backlink Audit

Organic Traffic Insights

13. You Are Going To Check Your Site’s Technical Health, But You Need To Exclude A Part Of Your Website From The Analysis. What Is The Easiest Way To Do This With The Help Of SEMrush?

Use the Site Audit Disallow Rules

Block the bot from crawling sitemaps

Use the Site Audit Allow Rules

Delete a part of your website

Alter your robots.txt file






15. Position Tracking Visibility Is Another Name For Average Position



16. SEMrush Provides Only Fresh Live Data For Domain Analytics.



SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019
SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019

17. Which Tool Can Help You Find A Way To Rank Higher For Target Keywords?

On Page SEO Checker

My Reports

Traffic Analytics

Brand Monitoring

Position Tracking

Prioritize your prospects by analyzing the popularity of the keywords your site is ranking for

Specify a list of prospects by excluding sources from which you’ve already acquired backlinks

Make your assessment of backlink prospects’ ratings more precise

Provide users with more domain prospects to earn backlinks from

19. Mark The Three Statements That Desсribe The Keyword Difficulty Tool’s Functionality.

(Select Three Answers)

You can find out how hard it is to improve your rankings for given keywords in organic results

Or You can assess keywords’ cost per click

You can find out if the analyzed keywords result in SERP features

You can see SERP snapshots for each analyzed keyword

Or You can filter out keywords by Difficulty, Volume and Number of Results

You can analyze up to 500 keywords simultaneously

How many backlinks from referring domains (listed in the first row) each of the analyzed domains (listed in the first column) has

How many backlinks from referring domains (listed in the first column) each of the analyzed domains (listed in the first row) has

The total number of analyzed domains that a specific referring domain (listed in the first row) links to

The total number of analyzed domains that a specific referring domain (listed in the first column) links to

Backlink Audit

Bulk Analysis

Backlink Analytics

Backlink Gap

22. To get the most precise and recent data about traffic and user behavior for your website SEO Dashboard allows you to connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console to it.



Traffic Analytics

Domain Overview

Organic Research

Position Tracking

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Certificate Achieved 2019 Answers

So, finally you have the SEMrush SEO toolkit Certificate. We hope you had a great time going through this Answer List and you can come on Letsfindoubt for more Digital Marketting Exams. This was the SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2019.

In order to remain certified, you must retake the exam on a yearly basis. SEMrush will notify you one month before your certificate expires.

You will now receive a letter with your exam results and your certificate. You can also download your certificate at any time.

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